Weight Management

Our Weight Management program in Livonia-Detroit area, is designed to help our patients improve their health and well being. Unfortunately obesity is an epidemic in United States, and Detroit has been labeled one of the fattest cities in America! Obesity is related to heart disease, diabetes, and at least ten different cancers including breast, colon, gall bladder and pancreatic cancer.   Middlebelt Medical Center offers a state of the art solution for weight management in Livonia- Detroit area providing treatment, support and resources for patients struggling with their weight.  We create individualized weight loss programs that meet each patient’s unique needs and lifestyle. We understand that the key to successful weight loss is an individualized approach with realistic goals and expectations.

Obesity is a chronic disease process with genetic and environmental causes that require a comprehensive approach and medical management. We never blame the patient for their weight problem knowing that most of the causes are beyond their control. We partner with our patient and work closely and individually with them to find the perfect treatment plan that fits their lifestyle and goals for their weight. Different people may not respond to the same treatment – that’s why we customize our plan to get the best results and produce short and long term success. We work with patients of all ages, sizes and shapes!   We can help you lose weight even if you failed many times in the past.  If requested, we are happy to assist patients with the qualification and approval process for weight loss surgery.  We work with top bariatric surgeons to help patients qualify for the surgery and we work with patients who had weight loss surgery in the past and are currently struggling with their weight control. We offer two programs to fit your lifestyle – both in-office and online  to accommodate patients with different needs and abilities.

The in-office program includes regular visits with Dr Kafelghazal (Dr Sam as his patients call him).  We use FDA approved prescription medications and injections when appropriate and safe to control appetite and hunger as well as stimulate the metabolism. We also address whatever medical conditions exist that can cause weight gain, so the patient can achieve short and long term results and prevent weight regain. We provide our patients behavioral modification and nutritional counseling and education done by the doctor to help you understand everything you need to know about food and nutrition.

Our online program provides exactly the same benefits and all the support and medications needed as if you are seeing the doctor in the office, without the hassle of taking time off work and family and driving all the way to the office.  We ship your medicine to you on regular basis as prescribed by the doctor and you communicate with doctor on a bi-weekly or monthly basis over the internet using our secure patient portal and smartphones app. To learn more about our online program please visit us on   virtualweightmanagement.com