Laser Procedures Livonia-Detroit

Laser Hair Removal

hair-removalIt is a known fact the humans have more hair follicles per square inch than most higher primates, including chimpanzees and gorillas!  Some hair is coarse and dark, and some is so fine and pale that it isn’t visible to the naked eye.  When darker, coarser hair appears in places you don’t like, or expect, on the face, neck, abdomen, breasts, arms, or underarms, or for women, prevents you from wearing high-cut bathing suit, shorts, or even a short skirt, it may be time to consider hair removal.

The LightSheer Diode laser offers a fast, painless way to permanently reduce dark hair from the face, neck, bikini, breast, back, extremities and underarms.  Ingrown hairs disappear.

Collagen Enhancement Laser Therapy

skinCollagen is part of the natural support structure of the skin. After the age of 30, collagen decreases at a rate of about 1% per year. However, sun exposure over one’s lifetime dramatically affects collagen and is responsible for most of the loss of elasticity and fullness of the skin which occurs with aging. Collagen replacement therapy replenishes the skin’s collagen layer, smoothing lines, wrinkles and scars , and adding definition to lip borders from the inside out.

Complexion Blending Laser Therapy

Treatment of dark spots (moles and sun damage)

Scar Reduction Laser Therapy

skin3Scar tissue forms as skin heals after an injury (such as an accident) or surgery. The amount of scarring may be determined by the size, depth, and location of the wound; the age of the person; heredity; and skin characteristics including color (pigmentation).  Massive injuries (such as burns) can cause loss of a large area of skin and may form hypertrophic scars. A hypertrophic scar can cause restricted movement of muscles, joints, and tendons (contracture). our Plasma Portrait and our IPL device can reduce and improve the apperance and color of all types of scars including acne scars.

Rosacea Laser Therapy

skin2Rosacea is a condition involving chronic inflammation of the cheeks, nose, chin, forehead, or eyelids.  It may cause redness or swelling or skin eruptions similar to acne.  Symptoms include rashes and a burning sensation of the face.  Rosacea can develop gradually as mild episodes of facial blushing or flushing which, over time, may lead to a permanently red face.

Laser Therapy Vascular

legs2Sclerotherapy is a safe and effective treatment that involves tiny injections of saline and dextrose solution to seal shut the unsighly veins without compromising your circulation.  Symptomatic varicose veins are covered by OHIP.  Ambulatory phlebectomy is a mini stripping done through small punctures for larger varicose veins.  This procedure requires no stitches and leaves no scarring.

All our Laser  Procedures Livonia-Detroit treatments have no down time; patients may return to work one to two days following the procedure .